Saturday, October 31, 2015

Gold n' Gradient

Hi all!
Wooo, I've been busy. School takes a lot of time!
Today I have a couple of fun things to show you from Born Pretty Store!
I've actually got even more fun stuff coming your way from BPS. All in good time.

We'll start with these cute awesome gold heartbeat stickers. OMG so cute! The chevrons make me so happy. =D

The sticker applied perfectly. I was able to remove and reposition it fairly easily, as long as the nail was perfectly dry an I hadn't pressed the sticker down tooo mcuh yet. The middle finger does have some fairly visible lines of the sticker. Not in the image, though! And, you know, not to anyone but me. So I think it's perfectly fine. I love these stickers and should probable get more because I WILL run out!

So as you can see with this mani, I've got a nice gradient going on. This gradient is Zoya Neely and Venique Wing Tip White (which is like... GONE! Oh no!).
Generally gradients are suuuper messy, but yet another fancy product from BPS fixes that RIGHT up! I've seen plenty of people use similar products, so I was very excited to get this for myself. The white peel off liquid tape / peel off baseboat! If you were thinking of getting this, DO! It was so great to easily clean up leftovers from gradient. Water marbles, here I come(again!)!

 Left is before gradient (eww, smudge =P) Right is after. you can see the Neeley up on the tape.

I HIGHLY recommend putting lotion, or oil or something nice like that on your skin and rubbing it in before using this tape. It comes off so much easier that way. Just be sure it's off of your nail for polish! I also recommend a nice thick coat for easy removal.

And of course, if you want any of these BPS products, don't pay full price! Use my coupon code. =)

Thanks for reading, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

I'm sorry this isn't a festive look, but it's nice to have a break from all the festivities, right? =D

Born Pretty Store Review. The heartbeat stickers and white liquid tape were sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
Zoya Neely and Venique Wing Tip White were self-purchased.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Great day for a wedding!

Hi friends! One of my very best friends of 10+ years got married today! HOW yay for her!!! =D
So, naturally, I had to have nails to match everything. =)

Her colors were purple and yellow. I almost bought a yellow dress and did yellow nails, but then I remembered purple is my fave color. Oh yeah.

So please enjoy these nails and this beautiful bride and her lovely bridesmaids. We've all known each other as long as I can remember. Such a happy day. :)


And now the nails. =D

The base is China Glaze Evening Seduction with a subtle gradient of OPI Skating on Thin Iceland and a less subtle Zoya Neeka. Purple. =)
My silly index nail so much smaller in width, Haha. I love it. =)

Happy wedding, Himi!!!! ♥♥♥ 

All for now! As always, thanks for reading!

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Subtle Stamping

Hi friends! I just got brand new stamping plates! Well, new to me! They are the Pueen 2013 collection =P
I LOVED a really neat 'gradient' block effect on one of them, so I gave it a shot. I just picked the wrong colors is all! IRL, it looks pretty neat, and HEAVILY depends on lighting if you can see the stamping, or any red for that matter. No gradient look, but I used the wrong side of the image for that. Aw well.
Please enjoy! =D

Julep Caroline and Pueen48 for the irregular checker stamping. I kind of LOVE this color. omg. I wanted the black stamp to show up more so badly, but I knew what I was getting into. =P


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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Holographic is Best!

Hi friends! Today I have some Holo nails. I love them. There is actually a grdient going on, but you cannot tell much at all. =)


Pretties!!! This is Color Club Cloud Nine with a gradient of Angel Kiss, and you can see that if you just imagine hard enough. The stamping plate is BM 317 and that was hard to capture too, but I like it. !!

I've been having an awful hard time getting brightness correct. I thiiiink colors are correct, but between my phone, monitor, laptop, iPad and boyfriends those things, the brightness is never constant, and I have NO idea which of these things is calibrated right. Perhaps... I should try to calibrate my editing computer's monitor. =)
You'd let me know if  it looked bad, right!?!?


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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Matte and Stamps

Hi friends.
Coming up with blog post titles is hard. =)

I got a new light-box!!! Omg, my pictures are actually decent without really trying!!! I'm not one hundred percent in love with them yet, but oh booooy is it closer! =D

I recently got into instagram, and saw some super cute nails by user @ezjik_nails and just HAD to recreate them a bit. So pretty. =D

Please enjoy these new pictures with new improved lighting!!! =D

So much better, amirite?!
This is my clearance OPI Skating on Thin Iceland and Venique Steel Toe Stud. On the ring finger I did a bit of a perimeter gradient. I used stamping plate  BM225 from Bundle Monster for the design. I'm feeling a bit off my stamping game lately. Ah well. I quite love this design, and want to do it again when my nails aren't as itty-bitty! The mattecoat is from Warpaint Beauty, purchased at Hot Topic years ago... I wonder if they still have it.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

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