Friday, April 29, 2016

Spring: Pretty Trees and Allergies

So I hate winter, and that's pretty understandable, right?
I loooove warm weather, so Spring is such a welcoming season for me. It's so pretty and there's flowers and good smells everywhere!! And sneezes!! I have super bad allergies in the spring, through the fall. So lame. However, I'll totally take it over the icky cold weather!
I can't be alone, right?

I got these neat water decals from Lady Queen, and I thought they were nice and Springy, so I felt they were fitting for the season.
The nail art accessories from Lady Queen are awesome! I get super cute manicures with little effort, and they look fabulous! =D

These decals remind me of a nice watercolor painting that I wish I could paint. Find them here at Lady Queen!
Turns out... I don't have any gold glitter. So lame. Aw well! I had a little golden yellow rhinestone to decorate an accent nail with.
I used Zoya Gie Gie as my pretty pink. It has such a delicate shimmer. I thought it was perfect to tag along with these decals and break up the green a bit more.

Use this coupon code at Lady Queen for some dollars off your purchase!
Thanks for reading, and happy warm days!
Lady Queen Review. Water Decal accessory sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
Zoya polishe self-purchased.


  1. I love how you wore these, soooo pretty!

    1. Thank you! I felt so elegant. The pink is such a lovely shade. =3

  2. The decals are greet, they look so cute on your nails <3

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