Saturday, July 27, 2013

Simple and Daring

Hey friends,
I often see ladies with these massive acrylics with a lot going on. Lot's of color, lots of dots, lots of lines and stripes. My thought process is usually something like, "Pretty! Well, kinda. It's a little too much... No I take that back, it's pretty!" Nail art is pretty cool regardless how it's done, or who does it. I can't judge acrylics at all, because I have done them myself and it takes skill! Don't let anyone say it's not art!

Anyway, this mani is kind of inspired by all of the liney-dotty acrylic manis you see here and there. Simple, easy, yet stunning and eye catching! And not nearly as much going on. This is mostly because the lack of long acrylic!

Also I got sunshine shots! YAY for not doing nails at midnight!

This is a Ginger, a holo by Julep. As with most holos, the pictures don't do a bit of justice to the amazing effect! I love holographic polishes!
I was speaking with someone who had made a few polishes and she said something like "I don't like to take away from the quality of my polishes by adding holographic." I mostly understand, but you can always make two! That and, holo is in. Right? I don't folow trends very well, but it is still a pretty hard to get look, so I think it's still in!

The pink is Venique Kitten Heel Slides as shown in a swatch here. It's such a pretty color, and I know I don't use it enough! The white is Venique Wingtip White.

I used a small spotter brush for the detail. I miss doing detail work. Time for a steady hand again, I think!

 This is from the shady side of the tree. The color of the julep is so pretty with or without the holo effect! For this mani, I originally wanted to use OPI DS Classic, but I apparently gifted that out. =( This Julep works just as well.

What is your opinion on holos? Do you think they are overdone? Or could this world need more?
Let me know!

Thanks for reading!!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge 16: Was a Gift...Also I'm Back!!!

Hey all!!
I've had some incredibly horrible nail breaks these last few months. There was blood. So yeah, I didn't feel up to blogging or even nail art in general!
I did manage to get some Pokémon themed nails in for Comic-Con. No pics, because it's the exact same thing I've done before!
Comic-Con, by the way, was a BLAST! I went with some really good friends and had a wonderful time. Already excited for next year!

Anyhow, here is [Finally!!] the last bit of my untried challenge!!

I don't have many bottles that were gifted to me, so I made use of just one! This will be a bit more of a swatch post, at that point. Oh well!

This is Borghese Marino. Raine at Lacquer Lily gave this to me back in the day. Thanks girl! Just now getting around to using it. And for a challenge! Does that make me less of a friend, or better because I was saving it for a special occasion?!

It needs more...But looking through my stash I realize just how few gift polishes I have, and then trying to find ones I haven't used?! Riiighhht.....

When in doubt...Mattify!

 I'm really down with the mattified look still. Is this look so last year? I don't care. =)

Super sorry about this short short post here! Short and incredibly simple! But now that my nails aren't non-existent (I say that with little to no exaggeration...), I'll be back in action with pretties for you very soon! =D

♥ Jonochi

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