Monday, September 28, 2015

Born Pretty Store Foils - It's Autumn!!

Hello everyone! Today is another review for a Born Pretty Store item. This one required a bit of a learning curve, but I think it turned out quite nice!!!

Here we are!

Here is the ling to these foils from the Born Pretty Store. The foil itself is pretty long. It's this for about 2 feet! This is about 2 inches wide. Yuo can see the size of the leaves over my nails in the next shots. The holographic-ness of it is pretty clear on the plastic, but much less so on nail. Still there, though. =)

 SUPER weird glare that I'm hating in this shot! But the foil turned out alright!! I had to practice a LOT for this outcome...

Another angle to see the holo effect a bit more.

Quick review of the foil:
I truly was excited for this product. I was only discouraged at first try. The image didn't transfer well, it cracked and splotched, but with a few times of practice, I managed to transfer the image right over!! I really love the designs, however, I think individual designs are a bit harder with foils (not that I've tried others!). You need to be more precise this way.
Practice makes perfect!!
I did this design by doing my nails like normal, applying my Seche Vite like normal and having that all set and be pretty. Then, to transfer the foil I applied one thin coat of base coat (I use Seche Clear), let that dry for appox. 20 - 30 seconds, then apply the foil and lift the plastic. I did find that cutting the individual leaves away from the bulk was MUCH easier!
No top coat, ladies and gents. I heard topcoat cracks foils. I heard RIGHT! I put topcoat on one nail, and it got super cracked and ugly, AND lost all of it's holo effect. Sorry, couldn't get a decent pic of that. Just take my word for it. That being said, the foil is more prone to scratching off without topcoat. So, you win some you lose some with that...

I definitely want to go back and get more foils!! =D

The mani not leaved up.

 I used two of my new clearance lacquers: L'Oréal Liya's Red and Eva's Nude.

Gradient still so hard... Need to practice more! Also my ring finger nail looks silly and disproportionate. Hm.


I hope you enjoyed this here review and manicure! Don't forget, if you want these nifty nail fold, or other awesome nail stuff from the Born Pretty store, don't pay full price! Here's a 10% off coupon!!! =D

Born Pretty Store Review. The holographic foil was sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
L'Oréal polishes self-purchased.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Born Pretty... in Plaid!

Hello my friends! I have a lovely manicure to share with you today created with a Born Pretty stamping plate and stamping polish!

Here we go!!!

 The stamping polish used is number #18 from this collection. I do have to say the color is VERY pigmented and can look very awesome and full!

Here is the plate I used! I think I found my new favorite plate! So many lovely options. Here is the link if you want to own this plate for yourself. I can't say I would blame you!

A quick review about these two products. The plate seems really nice at first glance. It was bent a bit in the corner, as you can see, but that didn't hinder the designs at all. My only beef would be that my normal scraping method had to be somewhat altered. Usually I would go from the top of the design, down, but my scraper would drag the other designs and not give me a clean swipe. Aw well, that was no problem at all! =D
The polish is very pigmented as stated. I applied to to one nail fully, and it was pretty uneven, but nothing a good topcoat couldn't fix.

Using them both together, at first, was awesome! Pink and ring finger applied perfectly, first try. I was in love! And then I got to the middle finger. The stamp wouldn't transfer. It dried on the stamp pad that quickly? So I tried again. And again. And again. For some reason the polish was just drying SO fast. I didn't understand what was going on. I used the Zoya I was using in the plate, and it seemed fine? Was it the polish that was suddenly drying too fast? I have no idea. Perhaps the scraping shallowed the design? I doubt that very much.
In the end, I just tried to blame myself and not the product. The last two nails took about an hour to finish, becaue I had to reapply the base and let it dry two more times. =(

 Using Zoya Odette as a base color. I don't know what I had in mind with these colors, but in the pics they look great!! IRL it's a bit busy and kinda messes with your eyes. =)

If you do decide you like this plate and stamping polish, you can get it from the Born Pretty Store. But that's FAR from all they have!! Use the coupon code below!!
Stay tuned for another review for another awesome product I got from them. I just have to learn to use it... You'll see. ;)

The plate and teal stamping polish was sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
Zoya Odette was self-purchased.

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Taping Time!!

Hello my friends!
Remember how I said school was starting? Yup! It indeed did and took all of my free time with it! Thank goodness for 3 day weekends! =D
I haven't taped for a while I wanted to do something super elaborate, but figured I should start out small. Haha. Also, omg, I got outside pics! They are the nicest! Outside has such pretty lighting. =)

This is some very simple, yet imho very awesome art. It stands out but didn't actually take too long or too much planning to do. People love it and comment about it a lot. Yay! Enjoy!

 The whole time I was editing these I just kept thinking "Omg, outside, you make things so pretty".  Daytime nail art is rare for me, but so much better!!!

This is 4 lovely shades of Zoya: Blu, Kristen, Yummy, and Breezi. Blu is the light shade on all of the nails. It's such a pretty shade, and one of about one blues in this shade(that I've found!). Kristen has a much more blue/grey tone. I didn't have a better in between shade so I went with it. I like it. Yummy is a nice true sky blue, and Breezie is my favorite shade of blue!

Blue is actually my least favorite color, wouldn't you know?

Don't forget to check out my brand new Instagram! With this here redone blog, I've added neat little social buttons over there ~---> so do all of those. =) Especially follow this blog in general with the google blogger!!!

Thank so much for reading!

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