Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Holographic is Best!

Hi friends! Today I have some Holo nails. I love them. There is actually a grdient going on, but you cannot tell much at all. =)


Pretties!!! This is Color Club Cloud Nine with a gradient of Angel Kiss, and you can see that if you just imagine hard enough. The stamping plate is BM 317 and that was hard to capture too, but I like it. !!

I've been having an awful hard time getting brightness correct. I thiiiink colors are correct, but between my phone, monitor, laptop, iPad and boyfriends those things, the brightness is never constant, and I have NO idea which of these things is calibrated right. Perhaps... I should try to calibrate my editing computer's monitor. =)
You'd let me know if  it looked bad, right!?!?



  1. They look good! You can't correct for everyone's monitors so I wouldn't worry about it so much. :) I can't see the gradient at all but I like the white stamping!! :D

  2. I can see the gradient! Very pretty :)


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