Sunday, December 20, 2015

Little Wrapped Presents

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas! I was inspired by a wrapping paper I have to bring you today's manicure. This is my favorite thing I've done in a long while, I can't lie!

The base color is Julep Ginger. It's a holographic polish seen on this blog before, but considering it is being covered by Venique Wing Tip White, you can't see the effect much. But that is certainly okay! There is also some Zoya Tomoko happening, but sadly, the image sort of blends that with the Ginger. Still, it's there. Like in the tip of the ring finger, near the snowflake, it's there. =) By the way, tje snowflakes are Zoya Nina. I used two stamping plates for this: BM 205 and BM 319. Finding the right plate for the white stuff was terribly difficult. Time to get more plates, right?!

Cuuute little bow! Because presents need bows! I got this bow from Lady Queen, right here. I've never used such big gemmys before! I hope it lasts a while and I don't lose it. I have a little Christmas dinner thing, so I hope it lasts through that. As everyone knows, gems in general aren't meant to last forever. Brush through your hair too much and they'll likely come off. But it's so pretty for now! The bow came without any flaws, and all of the pearls/gems are intact and where they need to be. I kind of want more, although I have no idea what to do with them! Perhaps also I should go for some smallers, yeah?

Use my coupon code to get neat Lady Queen nail art accessories! Fifteen percent off WOO!

As always, thanks for reading. Have the Merriest of Christmas-es and the Happiest of Holidays!!
Lady Queen Review. Pearl Bow Gem sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
All polishes and plates were self-purchased.

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Marilyn Monroe Water decals - She's so lovely!

For the first time in my nail polish journey I have used water decals! I kind of love them a lot!
These water decals gave me awesome nail art based on the beautiful Marilyn Monroe!!

I really wanted to have chevrons for the pattern, but no such luck in having a chevron stamp plate. Boo.
Oh well, please enjoy!

I wasn't sure how to incorporate portraits onto my nails, but I think it turned out not so bad. =D
You can find the decals here at lady Queen. They worked so well! Like I said, I've never used these sorts of decals before, but they were so easy! I will be getting more no doubt.
The colors are Venique The Perfect Accessory. I love this red for stamping, I just wish it was a bit deeper over white. Aw well, what is, eh?
Venique Wing Tip White, once again is my white. Stamp plate BM 322 was used for the super awesome hounds-tooth. I think this is a fun manicure with or without the decals. I probably want to do it again someday. Because it's daring and awesome. So Marilyn Monroe fits so great!!! =D

Don't forget to use my coupon iffins you decide to get some Lady Queen nail art accessories and the like. =3

Much love!
Lady Queen Review. Monroe Water Decals sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
All polishes and plates were self-purchased.

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I'm in Dumbledore's Army!

Hello friends, here we are again with another fun stamping plate from Lady Queen!
This one is extra awesome because it's Harry Potter themed =D

While doing this nail art, I realized how long it's been since I've read Harry Potter, and I want to again soooo badly now. But I have Game of Thrones to read! And school to attend! And house to clean!
So perhaps I will settle for a movie marathon while  cleaning the house? =P


The plate is héhé 034 found here at Lady Queen. It says that it's a 'peacock', but we all know that's Fawkes. ♥
This plate was wonderful, as with the other plates from lady Queen. They are free from defects, bends, scratches, and all of the engravings are the perfect depth, size, and shape for stamping. I feel like a stamping pro with these. Accept part of 'Dumbledore' didn't transfer. Aw well.
The phoenix is supposed to be read, and I played around with attempting to stamp him with a white/red mix. But gold just works so well.. The gold is Orly Luxe, and the base is China Glaze Smoke and Ashes. As always, the white stamp is Venique Wing Tip White.
I love these nails and will no doubt do something similar when I go see Fantastic Beasts!!! =D

Please use my coupon code if you feel the need to buy any awesome things from lady queen.

See you soon, yeah!? ♥♥♥
Lady Queen Review. Stamp plate hehe034 sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
All polishes were self-purchased.

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Delicate Stamping

Told you there was another plate coming your way! Actually there is even one more after this, in a small series of Lady Queen stamping plate and nail art reviews.

This manicure was interesting, and it took a minute to really grow on me. The plate is so fun I didn't know which design to try, so I did them all!
The plate is héhé 006, purchased at Lady Queen. There are 4 super cute flowery, leafy, paisley designs on it. Each have super thin, cute lines that are pretty tough to pick up with the stamper, but super cute if you get them right!
I don't know why I ever use shimmery polishes, I'm never pleased with the pictures. But this didn't turn out so terrible! This is China Glaze Ayoy! and Julep Marion. The white is Venique Wing Tip White, my go to white for now. Because it's almost gone =O. I had the hardest time selecting colors for this, but these colors actually work quite well. I likes it. =)

As always, use my coupon for purchases at Lady Queen. ♥

My dump of nail art will soon end, but I can't say you're too upset by it, right? =P
Lady Queen Review. Stamp plate hehe006 sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
All polishes were self-purchased.

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I have a koi pond!!!

On my fingers. =3
I love this manicure! I think it's a super cute idea for a stamping plate and I'm going to be a bit vain and say I picked pretty stinking decent colors!!!
The stamping plate used in héhé 037, purchased right here through Lady Queen. This is the super cutest animal manicure I've ever done. I want to always have a koi pond! The plate was perfect. The 'water marble' design is super nice, and I want to use drastically different colors with it some day. I can't wait to use it again!
The polishes used were all Zoya: Jancyn, Neely, and Blu. Neely is the base color, with the ever so slightly different Blu over that. Jancyn made for pretty cute little fishies.

If you'd like this plate, or many other super neat nail art supplies from Lady Queen, please please use my discount code for %15 off. Sick deal, amirite?

I have more plate designs to share with you, so hang tight!

Lady Queen Review. Stamp plate hehe037 sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
All polishes were self-purchased.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Sweater

GUYS! The semester is OVER!! I had my last final today and could not be more pumped for Christmas! I got me tree up (finally) and managed to get some Christmas nails going! I haven't nailarted for so long. I miss it...

This is done using a stamping plate form Lady Queen. héhé 060, is the tag on it. It's like an ugly Christmas Sweater, other than I don't think it's ugly. =) I love this nail art using Lady Queen's plates. I have a few more to show you soon, as well. And can now because why? Oh yeah, finals are over! =3

I also used Julep Popova , Venique Wing Tip White, and Venique The Perfect Accessory.
Hello winter, too. It showed a lot over the last few days. I may have tapped a fence with my car. Aw well...

Please use my coupon code for Lady Queen if you decide you want this, or any other plates. <3

Have the Merriest of Christmas' please?

Lady Queen Review. Stamp plate hehe060 sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
All polishes were self-purchased.

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