Monday, July 30, 2012

Time? Time for what!?

Heyy everyone!
So Aside from having caught a cold last night, and feeling super icky today, I'm moving!
I'm leaving my current place, to a new place with some old roommates! And that is awesome.
What's not awesome, however, is that my nail polish is packed. =/ A few bottles remain out, but for the most part it's all put away. Sad day.
This being said, I must apologize for my absence, and the absence that will be. Lot's of stuff going on and I just don't have the time at the moment!

It won't be too long, though! I'll be back before you know it!

<3 Jonochi

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A bit of ComicCon and Today's Mani!

I am very saddened to tell you that I saw no nerdy nails at ComicCon. Where were you people?!?! =(
But I did see one or two amazing manis, just a solid color or so. Unfortunately nothing that I was able to snag a decent picture of. Oh well!

ComicCon was great! I wish that I could share with you everything that happened, but that would be a lot of typing, and very boring for you!

however I will share this!
It's nothing super fancy, but while waiting in line to get into Ballroom 20 for the Dexter panel, we decided this was an appropriate thing to do! We got plenty of compliments from Dexter fans, and even one from Emilia Clarke, an actress from Game of Thrones! This was the extent of our nerdy nails, mostly because this was just too cool, and I didn't bring enough polish!!!

As far as stuff we did...
Panels. Lots of them!!! Dexter, Psyche, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons, Elementary...and more! Other than that a crazy experience at a diner called Coco's near the Best Western we stayed at,, and an awesome hot tub party with a sexy Canadian, a crazy old war veteran, and a Scottish guy with his adorable little daughters!!!

Did anyone else go to ComicCon? What was your favorite moment?!?

Oh also, some nails! =D

 This is CND Asphalt and Sally Hansen Wet Cement. Freehand acrylic paint for the swirls. I am so in a gradient mood. I need another nail art challenge. Anyone??

CND Asphalt swatch. This is on clearance like EVERYWHERE I go. Awesome blue/grey color. Love it a ton!!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Comic Con Nails: Take One!

Hey everyone!!! Heading off to San Diego in just a few short hours! Like...2!
Here is my first design at some nails for this awesome event.
I was so at a loss, and wasn't expecting this to look kinda like snow on grass when I imagined it. Oh well!!!

Minecraft Nails YAY! I was going to go along the lines of a different monster for each nail, but eh, this was easy and less time consuming!!

I picked up new colors today for this! China Glaze Gaga for Green (what an AWESOME name!) and China Glaze I'm not Lion (the glitter). With that we have Venique Wingtip White and Dominating Thigh Highs.
Again, this gradient was done with the dual color on the sponge. I am loving that technique!

These next pics are just China Glaze Gaga for Green swatch. You can tell how much topcoat I ended up (mostly accidentally) using afterwards.

 LOVE this green! Totally lovely shade! =D

More Comic Com nails to come! =D

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Lack of inspiration isn't always terrible!

Hoooo, boy!
I've been so out of inspiration the last few weeksish. I decided to go for simple and elegant. This only kind of worked, but simple it is!

Also, I've been a fan of Zoya Avery recently, so here it is again!! I used a Sinful Colors striper black with this. My striper is getting super goopy and thick. =( Time for some thinner, I guess!!
The goopiness is the reason for the stringy black. I say 'Meh!', I still like it.

I still have no idea what to do for ComicCon, which begins Thursday. I've concluded Minecraft and Dexter are a MUST! I will probably end up with all creeper nails, because I seriously have no idea what to do on each nail. We shall see, yes?

Don't feel so sad if you don't hear from me until after ComicCon. I will probably not have too much internet time!! So we'll go with that assumption, and see you in a week and a half! =D

Hope to see some AWESOME nails in San Diego! I'll try to bring along a camera and take pics of the coolest ones. What a nerd, right? <3

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

For a night on the town!

Hello everyone! I've been super busy lately, and will be super busy for the next few weeks! GAH! My nails have been so sad and unpolished...Well, unpolished with art. They can't go long naked, so they at least get something...

Anyway, I managed to find some time to do some artish. I was inspired by the ad for Sephora on imgur. I'm sure many of you have seen it. I haven't found it recently, so I don't even know how close this is to it!

I didn't edit these pics at ALL! I feel like crap today and am surprised I am even blogging....=/

This is OPI Sand in my Suit, China Glaze Street Chic, and Zoya Nina.

I got all dressed up and went to a party with my sister last Thursday. It was like a Burning Man party kinda thing, for a fundraiser for an art piece that goes out. I hooped for 3 hours straight, and the mani lasted! Awwww yeah! I wish I had gotten a pic of my outfit! It was all brown and cute! =D

Anyhow, this was done with tape, then freehand when I realized I was too lazy to finish the taping! you can tell which is which, I'm sure!

So I have been out of the nail community for a bit, but I am in need of a splurge...any suggestions on something that came out recently?? Let me know!!

PS - Comic Con. I'm going. I need something for my nails to signify my nerdiness. Dexter? Minecraft? Portal?? Helllp!

<3 Jono

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