Friday, April 27, 2012

In the mood for some blues!!

Hi friends!!
Shannon, if you're reading this, just know you win some cookies. Yes. I am up at 1am blogging about my nails and not one bit sleepy. you called it! Thank you, 32oz coffee!!

Anyhow, I found that bag of jewelry that a friend gave me and there were some super pretty blue earrings in it! I decided that they would go great with a cool tealish blue shirt I have. Then I decided I should have my nails did in the same color!

I started with just Venique Cleats Calling Four! and decided it was too.....Plain. So Zoya Wednesday got to top it off with a pretty gradient!

My nails man...I had to cut them so short, but there is still is that sad chippy on the corner of my middle finger. =(
I almost showcased my right hand(much longer and prettier nails!) for this mani, then I decided that I didn't care that much, and the application on this hand is just way better.

I feel it's about time for more Venique swatches! I have a buncha new colors!! Maybe I will let the nails grow a bit first!

You ever get those times when there is so much polish/topcoat(namely Seche Vite) on your nails that when you rub them together they sound super fake? Yeah, today is one of those times! Maybe I'm alone in this, but I love when my real nails sound and look fake. Interesting isn't it? When we apply fake nails, its to try to get them to look real. The opposite can often be said for natural!
Orrrr, maybe I'm just crazy!!!

How do you like our Wednesday for this gradient? Lovely, isn't she?
Oh by the way, did you guys know you can win her along with her collection!? =D
Yeah, check out the giveaway if you haven't already!

<3 Jonochi

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Red Glittery!

Hey all!
So today I had my glitter tape come in for my hoops! YAY! That's what I did all day after I got off. Made hula hoops! Then I got inspired! =D

Tape! It's the way to go, man!! So this is Zoya Raven with China Glaze Ring in the Red on top. Prettiest red glitter EVAR! Don't you agree? My bottle of it is getting lumpy though, time to break out some thinner!

My nails are super short today...I'm workin' on it! I just ordered Qtica(Zoya) Nail Growth Stimulator...We'll see!!

So here is the hoop for these nails.
Isn't she beautiful!!! I didn't get the greatest pic, but it still shows the pattern!
You should really get into some hooping! Awesome way to exercise AND it's super sexy to watch!!

So sorry this post isn't so full of content, I promise for a better one later!! I'm being distracted by Neopets. Yes...Neopets. Be jelly.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Versatile Blogger award

Wow, I've been fairly TERRIBLE about keeping up with this award.
Thank you to those who nominated me! =D You are all too sweet and I want to say that I am so sorry for not thanking you earlier!If you've nominated me and I missed you, PLEASE let me know so I can thank you!

Kelly's Nail Blog
Rainbow Nails
Bunny Nails
9ml Universe
Pretty Polished Pointers
Miss Vee's Nails
Claws Up

Thank you! =D

The rules are:
  • Thank the person who nominated me and give them a shout out
  • State 7 Random facts about your self
  • Pass on the award to 10-15 bloggers
  • post the award pic to your blog

Seven random facts about me:
  • I just picked up Hooping and am LOVING it! I've recently taken to making hoops as well. So fun!
  • I can't keep my nail polish organized. There is always at least 15 bottles lying around. When I try to put them back in some kind of order, another 15 or so ends up off the shelf...
  • I like to pretend I do lots of yoga...Really I talk about it more than I do it. I like the idea that I do yoga! Maybe after this post I'll crack down on some!
  • My cat is fat.
  • I am still in the middle of the 4th season of Dragonball, but I've seen them all in the past. Fairly recently I've finished all 291 episodes of Dragonball Z. Rock on!
  •  I should put my laundry away.
  • I let my milk expire in the fridge way too often. Maybe I should drink it?
You said random...xD
Here are some blogs I would like to pass this onto. This is a REALLY hard decision, considering many blogs already have this award. I tried to find ones that didn't, but after a bit just ended up giving it to those who need a shoutout! =D

Zebra Nails 
Fairly Charming
Unprofessional Nails 
Paulina Loves
It's just a Hobby (she gave me the sweetest review ever! Definitely check out this blog!)

I decided to leave the nominations at that for now. It's not that I don't love you ALL, it's that I seem to take this too seriously and am stressing over who to pick!! Also trying to avoid those who have been given the award.. GAR! All of you bloggers out there deserve it really. and I feel like a terrible person for not nominating you! I'll add to this list as I realize I need to. <3

In the meantime, please post a link to your blog n the comments!  am usually not a fan of that, but here in this post, I'd love for others to see it! =D



Thursday, April 19, 2012

I wanted something dark.

So you guys ROCK a lot! =D

Anyhow, Today I went to the store to get a new purse, and instead walked out with nail polish! I was fully intending on swatching them, then I did, and realized my camera was set wrong. Meh.

So then I did this!!

I had to get different angles to see the awesome glitter! =D
So with this mani, I used China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Zoya Raven, and Essie Masquerade Belle.
this will probably the only time I willingly pick Ruby Pumps over Ring in the Red... Or I'm liking it more. Either way!!
I got fancy little stripe tape! What would you call that? I don't know! I wish it was thinner. It's a little wide, but still nice!

Do you ever have those moments when you are staring at your vast collection in search for reds and realize...You have NO dark, deep reds!?! Grrr...I finally remembered that I snagged this Essie in an Ulta clearance once. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it works. Clearly I need to get some reds!! =D

Also, I've been hooping a lot lately, and my hoop is kinda heavy, so sometimes when I catch it it chips my nails and it suuuuckkks!!! =( Oh well! Hooping is fun!

I just realized the cuticles are a little tiny messy. oh well! It's 1am and I should be sleeping anyway!
Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the giveaway!!


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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summertime Giveaway!

[edit] As there may be confusion, let me clarify: This is for the winners choice of either the Beach or Surf collection! Not both! I hope this doesn't make anyone sad!
Hello my dear readers!!
I am pleased to announce my second giveaway!

I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who keeps me going! I feel so blessed to have all of you there to support me! I can't believe I reached 175 followers today! Wow! <3

To give a show of my appreciation, I want to offer up a chance to win EITHER the Zoya Beach or the Zoya Surf collection!! I am in love with the collections, and want to share! Yes, even though I don't actually own them myself...yet!
The giveaway is centered around the fact that it is SUMMER and I cannot be more happy to get out on my motorcycle with freshly painted nails!!

Giveaway open internationally!!!
I will be shipping the prize directly from, because I feel that is the safest way to get it to you! Zoya only ships to US, but to my international friends, please don't be sad! There is an alternate prize for you!

The Rules:
  •  You are entering for your choice of either the Beach or Surf collection. One prize will be given.
  • You must be a follower of Just Add Polish via GFC.
  • Zoya Prize is United States only!! International entries: See Below*
  • The giveaway will be open until May 18 at Midnight, EST.
  • Winner will be selected shortly after, when all of the entries are accounted for. They will then have 48 hours accept the gift! If they have not by then, a new winner will be chosen!
 This fancy rafflecopter below will help us save entries and pick a winner. Remember, one of the actions can be done everyday!
Again, I cannot thank you all enough!
YOU keep my obsession alive! =D
Read more »


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nfu Oh 61 - Acquired!!

For EVER now I've been wanting Nfu Oh #61. Even going so far as to almost buying it on eBay for $30!!
Needless to say I'm so glad I didn't!! If you didn't know already, FabulouStreet has them in stock again!!!
Go get it now before they disappear again!
I randomly checked the website one day to find them in stock and I about flipped! I was so excited I may have accidentally bought two(hey, free shipping at that point!)!

I bought # 62 and 66 about a week prior to this adventure, so now I have 3 of the holo line! =D

Left to right: 61, 62, 66.
I love them ALL!!! 61 is the ever popular silver. 62 is a lovely dusty pink, and 66 is a kind of seafoam green. But not too green! Just the right amount!

The application SUCKS! I think it is because they recommend the Aqua Base with it..I didn't get that. Basically, if you missed a teeny spot on your first coat, tough. You have to wait until it is completely dry; and even then you will probably have dragging. The brush takes off the polish and clumps it up in odd spots, making the application process a pain. One thick coat seems to help this, but barely. Having the base they sell would most likely fix this..

I would have swatched this on my nails, but chances are I would have been fed up with the application by the second color, also my Katniss nails are still in tact and pretty!

These pics were all taken indoors with the camera flash, seeing as I do most of my blogging in the middle of the night, sunlight was not accessible! But I can only imagine the absolute beauty of this in the sun! -drool-

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Katniss Everdeen Nails - Girl on Fire

Hello everyone! So I found my SD card, but still don't have an editing program installed, so I couldn't quite get the pics as nice as they generally are...That's why you only get one. xD

Anyway, I finally broke down and did my Katniss Everdeen Nails. Or Girl on Fire Nails. Whichever you feel is correct!

I'm sad, yet glad her nails were not done in the movie. if they were, then it would have ruined my perspective of them! I wanted more red glitter, but my CG Ring in the Red is missing, so I has to use Ruby Pumps and I kinda hate it...

Anyway! Colors used was Venique Wing Tip White for the base. Then 3 colors gradient: OPI Need Sunglasses?, China Glaze Riveting (very important we have a Hunger Games collection in there!),Venique The Perfect Accessory. I used acrylic paint for the black. When that was on, I added the glitter polish to the tips of the flames. Again, I wanted little red stripe tips, but not with Ruby Pumps...=/ Seche Vite on top!!

Oh God, you should see how terrible my right hand looks. xD

Anyhow, I'm getting my next giveaway ready! Who's ready for some more Zoya!?! =D

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Current Giveaways

I decided that I enter enough Giveaways that I need to share with everyone. So check constantly over on the sidebar for info on contests I'm entered into! I love to share!!!

Currently we have....
9ml Universe
Canadian Nail Fanatic ends 4/16
Miss Vee's Nails  ends 4/20
Nail Noise ends 4/17
Nailed It ends about 5/3
Nails by Diana ends 4/30
REJOICE! ends 4/30
Unprofessional Nails ends 4/20

I know I've entered into more...i just can't remember them. Oh well! Enter and follow these!! <3 <3

So a question for you..
I need ideas for the next fancy giveaway I will have! What prize would you like to see? Collections, tools, stickers? I am thinking either the new Zoya Beach or Surf collections. I LOVE Zoya too much to really not share. Also shipping straight from is so easy... How does that sound? Let me know!!

Happy Entering!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

REJOICE! Nail Art Contest

Hello everyone!
I'm a sucker for actual contests rather than just giveaways (not saying I don't love the giveaways!!).

This one makes me happy, so I thought I would share!!
Everyone head on over to Rejoice! and follow the blog and enter this contest. SUPER fun idea! Personally I went ahead and entered my Lady Gaga inspired nails from my 31 day challenge.

These ones!!

The contest is for accent nails, so check it out!


That all being said, I don't think I ever thanked Talon-Ted for the fun contest she did that I won.
I received the package in the mail the Monday after my vacation return! Inside was (sorry no pics..=( no camera card.) art stickers, a pink crackle color set with silver base, and awesome little vials of jewels and glitter! It was so fun to see this coming back! She wrote a little card with it. It was a cute little Christmas card because 'isn't getting nail mail like Christmas anyway?'

THANK YOU Eugenia!! <3<3

Monday, April 9, 2012

Zoya is Amazing!

I ordered a Feel sampler, and Kendal was missing!! There were 2 Megan instead! I wasn't sure what to do, so I just emailed them from the 'contact us' page, and someone responded very quickly! Woo thank you, Danielle!!
So she sent out a bottle of Kendal to me, and is letting me keep the spare Megan.

<3 I LOVE me some Zoya!! Love the CSRs over there a ton! I strive to be like that at my place of work. xD

Minecraft Nails! Been playing recently..

This mani is old.. Like, September 2011 old. But I didn't have a blog then, so it never got showcased!!

But here I am, playing Minecraft again (as if i ever REALLY stopped). I felt it was essential to show this off.

Minecraft nails!
This also happens to be before I really stopped biting...Yeah, my nails certainly look better not bitten off! Also before a good camera, and technique!

I couldn't tell you what colors were used, other than the franken for the pink!
I want to redo some Minecraft, but with more faces. Cobble is boring. =/

How many of you play Minecraft?! And, what do you think of the new template? Should we go back to dark or are you enjoying this nice, new lighter layout?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Life is Good

Hello everyone!! Happy Easter still!
I'm sorry I have been away..I lost my SD for my camera!! =O And today I factory reset my laptop so it's all brand new and lovely, other than my editing program is gone...=/ I need to redo SO many things!!

Anyway, I couldn't stay away any longer. I had to do something, So I turned to the only other thing I have...A cell phone and MS Paint. YAY!

So I recently got into Hula Hooping. Oh my God it's FUN! Anyhow, it broke 2 of my nails, so we're back to little trimmed ones. Oh well! The hoop I just bought today is a super pretty fuchsia and black one. I was inspired and wanted to do a striped mani, but found myself with little time..So dots happened!

These pics...I just...ughh. I can't wait till I'm up and running again! Anyway, we have lovely Zoya Keiko and Venique Dominating Thigh Highs as the dots. I will do some stripeys soon! I just was in a hurry..Dots are fast!

Anyway, I will be posting some of my oooold work while my camera is out of commission...I've gotta find a card!

Also, what do you think about a lighter template? I'm bored of dark...I'll put the one I made up anyway, and you can tell me what you think of it. Don't know when it will be up...Hopefully tonight, but we'll see.
<3 <3

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sally Hansen Results

Are you guys super STOKED for the results of this test?!
Well, I hope I didn't get your hopes up. There's really not much to speak of... What was i expecting though?

For those just tuning in, this is a follow up post from last weekish. I blogged about how Sally Hansen's miracle nail growth promises 30% longer nails in 5 days. Go read it if you want the full details. xD


Here's a couple of pics showing regrowth. Yeah, not too great comparatively...It's about what would have happened in 5 days anyway. MAYBE a tad more, but not so significant to care about. At least not nearly what they were promising. Orrr, maybe I'm just being critical! Pics are here for YOU to decide! =D

I only have these two because they are the only ones I didn't manage to pick off... also my ring finger broke in the corner. =(

I ended up not taking the polish off the pinkies everyday. Didn't think it ended up mattering much.

Also ignore the sad owie I've got going on there. No fun..I may be a bad girl and be editing that out in the photos to come...OH NO I'm not genuine...=/ Sorry, I just don't like looking at my roughed up skin. xD

Here is the original, so you can compare. Something I did notice about this polish, is that after its been on a while, it darkens up! So no, that's not (entirely) just lighting making the color difference. Odd, eh.

Verdict is in though: Get this line for the pretty colors, and not for the 'benefits'!!