Friday, September 28, 2012

Mini Flash Giveaway results!

That was uneventful. =(
I'm quite bummed by the lack of participation on this. I needed 25 participants to make the giveaway go through, I got 14. Yet there was 350 views on the post. Hm.
So I guess you could consider that a test. Who actually reads blog posts? That was a pretty simple entry to a giveaway had more people just read the text and shot off a comment!

Well, a BIG thank you to those who entered!!! Too bad I didn't get enough... Oh well. No giveaway for you...

Ha, are you kidding me? I'm still going to give the prize away!! Out of the 14 entries, 2 are not followers, but what can ya do? Using I have picked a winner.

Jayne over at Cosmetic Proof! Congrats! I will shoot an email your way and get some awesome Venique out to you!

FYI - You never know when another little giveaway could happen. At least skim the post!! <3


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wanted fall, ended with animal print: Close enough.

Hey! So this is the first time I've tried cheetah spots. I've learned that the spot color can't be too close to black, It all kinda looks like a blob. Oh well!!

 They aren't bad! Something nice, and that kinda shows off the length of my nails. Yes, that tiny little tip is wicked long for me! Don't expect the next post to have length. My ring finger is wrapped and probably won't last long. =(
China Glaze Classic Camel, and Venique Sole Train are the colors used. Also Venique Dominating Thigh Highs for the black. As if those tiny hard to see dots matter what brand of black they are!

China Glaze Classic Camel swatch. The brush on my bottle is so messed up..It was so hard to get a decent mani! Also my formula is a weird texture...I think someone sabotaged my bottle!!!

Also, I don't have enough entries for the little giveaway ending Thursday midnight! It needs to have at least 15 more comments on the post from different people to go through!! Quick link! You know you want those fun Venique colors!!! Enter! =)


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Friday, September 21, 2012

I forgot I love water marbles!

Hey all! How's that giveaway going? What?! Check out the last post for more details. =)

Anyhow, here is a fun marble I did. I forgot how great they can be! The end result is always so awesome!!

Colors used were ALL Zoya! <3 Kendal, Perrie, Keiko, and Neeka! Neeka is super pretty because it has little glitters in it, but it dried very fast on the water, and was hard to create a design with. It got clumpy fast....You don't want to see my other hand...Laziness happened there! I quite like this marble. I need to do more. =)

Super quick post today. Loves to all!!

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Frosty Night, Starry Sky: Tutorial

Hello my friends! I've been asked a few times here, and a couple other places for a tutorial to this awesome mani. I'm finally delivering!!! It's super simple, and easy to recreate with any stamping design or colors!


 The colors!!! Venique Wingtip White is my FAVORITE white for stamping/gradient. Peep Toe Shoe is this all around amazing color I can't get enough of!

 Start with 2 coats of Peep Toe Shoe.

Use tweezers! Sponge on some Wingtip White. If you tip the sponge a bit so that its not so full of polish, the color breaks up better giving the frosty look!

Little flecks of sponge may be leftover. They go away just fine under Seche Vite, or you can pick them out and touch up the white!

 Bunder Monster plates 14 and 21 are used for this design!

 Stamp that on!!! So messy!!

 After a clean up and top coat.

The final product! Stamp the accent however you'd like! Mix it up and put white as the base with blue stars, just have fun!!!

Here is a condensed tutorial for your pinning/sharing pleasure!!

Thanks so much for being interested in my design! It's been one of my favorites so far, and is perfect for the cold weather coming up! And for those of you still reading, you will be please to know of the flash giveaway that is happening...right now!!

All you have to do is comment! Usually these things are a sneaky giveaway, but I've been getting so few comments, I have to tell you about it! In order for the contest to work, I will need at least 25 comments from 25 different followers! However, you must be a follower to enter! Commenting more than once will NOT get you extra entries, but feel free if you so desire. This is open internationally! I need to get over my fear of shipping. =) The prize is fitting to this post: Venique Wingtip White and Peep Toe Shoe could be YOURS!!

So get to sharing this with your friends! Gotta get those comments! Giveaway ends Thursday September 27 at 12:00 PST!

Like all my sneaky, not big text??
Loves!! <3

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Jelly Sandwich!

 Here is something I am not used to, and still deciding if I like!!
Its a Jelly Sandwich with Zoya Frida and Essie Stroke of Brilliance.

I played with the lighting for this a bit so you can see the texture and color.
I still don't know about this look, but every time I see other jelly sandwich manis, I always want one!! To get this; do 2 coats of Frida, one Stroke of Brilliance, another Frida, one more SoB, final one Frida. You end up with 6 coats.
These pics there is no topcoat!! So that's cool! Oh so shiny! I had to put a coat of Seche Vite on though, 6 coats takes waaayyyy too long to dry without it.

What do you think of Jelly Sammich? =D

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A few Butter London Swatches!

Gotta love BOGO!!! I hope everyone was able to get to Ulta on the 10th and grab some butter 2 for 1!

Let me show you the pretties I got!!

 All Hail the Queen is SO pretty! It has a subtle holo effect to it and is absolutely gorgeous in the sunlight! 2 -3 coats should get you there! This one would be fun to use layers!

 Artful Dodger...I wish this pic portrayed the slightly more green tint this color has, but this is reaaalllyyy close!

 Cream Tea one coat. (also more!) I've been wanting this one a while now. I am always out looking for the perfect eggshell white that is opaque...So far this is the closest I've come. I had to do this as a one coat, two coat, 3, 4 kinda thing. Why? Because while I was debating this one ALL I wanted to find was someone with a swatch of one coat! No one had one, so there you have it.  So from index to pinky, its 4, 3, 2, 1! I would even go 5 coats with this to get the opacity considering it's quite streaky. I had to say Cream Tea one coat on here, just in cast others were looking too and needed to Google it. =)

Wallis is nice NOT in picture form. I hate finishes like this for pics and swatches...They never work for me! But this still shows the awesome color, just know it doesn't do the polish justice!!

What BL did you get for your BOGO?!?

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Julep Swatches / Julep Maven

Hey friends!
I recently hopped on board with he Julep Maven thing. I have received my intro box, and my first month already! Here are swatches of the lovely colors I got!! Moore on the Maven below!

 Eileen. At first glance, I thought this was an off-white color. After having worn it, I realized it's not, it just has a cooler tone. 3 coats, and a top. Trina Turn collection.

Popova. Oh so nice! I got this one as a free add-on. Had I known that Hoch was going to be more green than blue, I might have picked another. But still pretty!! Trina Turn collection.

 Hoch. In pics on the site, I thought this was going to have more blue, less green. I still love this color though!! 2 coats. Much better consistency! Trina Turn collection.

 Clair. Aww, pretty blue! This also took 3 coats and a top..Hm.

 Morgan. This one is my least favorite, but if you know me, you know I am in love with cremes!!! So that's why. Not the formula or color, just the finish. Personal preference! Anyway, this is the one I ended up sticking with after the swatches were done. I gotta get out of my creme fantasy world. xD

 Blake. This yellow is so cute! The brightness on this pic is a little high, but the color is very true! Other than this took about 3 coats, and a top coat to get a nice, smooth look.

So about this Maven thing...Let me just tell you that I got these 6 (and a nice mascara, but you could end up with another polish!) for $20!! And one cent...

This is because of the $.01 intro deal they had when I signed up! I don't know the full rules on that, but maybe it's still going on! The code I used was MAVENINTRO! Another code that can work is PENNY. Take your pick!
You can choose your intro box, and any month box after that if you log in and change it. You also get a free add-on your first month!!

You can get your intro box for one penny, AND use the referral program!

Click here to sign up right away! =D  It's silly though, an ad for the 'social calendar' will be there. Let that change to the next add about what your style is,THEN click it!

You must stay signed up for 30 days for the referral code to work, but even 2 months is totally worth it!!

At first I thought this program was too expensive...But the quality is nice, and the sheer excitement of nail mail each month is just awesome! I will probably be sticking with it! Even though my first thought was to only have 2 months. Oh well! I recommend it, it's fun!!


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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Payless: Went In for shoes, came out with polish.

Hey everyone!!
I am back from some awesome camping YAY!

So, before that, I went to Payless to find some sandals..Found nothing good, by the way.
Before I could leave the store I spotted some polish! Of course I was drawn to it. I ended up buying 2, because the price was 2 for $5. I kinda don't like the blue one I got, but this green is AWESOME!!!

Bonus for you all - I have a right hand! =D

This is called Sergeant Khaki, the line is BRASH by Payless. Of course I had to mattify it. It looked funny shiny. But it's so pretty, right? Yeah, I couldn't say no either.

Here's that blue, Electric Sky. It's meh..

Anyhow, if you ever find yourself there, check out the colors! The quality is decent, comparable to most Sally Hansen line. Not bad stuff for cheap!!

 FYI - I've been all over the place this last few weeks. Mom went to the hospital for emergency surgery(but is better now!) and camping..Whooo....Crazy busy! So for those of you who are here because I sent you this way at the event at the University, I will be blogging about that soon! =D
Also, I will be blogging about my fancy new Julep Maven stuffs soon...Justsoyano.