Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring is Coming!! =D

You guys, I am so excited for Spring to be on it's way!
I saw tulips popping up the other day which is so amazing and I'm pumped! =D
Those trees that have the super cute snowballs of flowers on them? That's what this mani reminds me of.

These decals are from the Born Pretty Store. I kind of love them! At first I did the full art on all of the nails, but then it got kind of ruined, and of course there isn't enough for all again (sad day, right?!) so now you get some neat nail art. Which is better, anyway.
These decals are AMAZING!!! Applying them is so easy, even on the full nail. I want so many more!! Venique Wing Tip White is my go to white, and OPI DS Radiance is the nice silver chevron.

I'm so excited to get outside and not wear a jacket. I love warm weather.

If you want these decals, please use my coupon code at Born Pretty! =D
Born Pretty Review.Water decal accessory sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
  Venique and OPI polishes self-purchased.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Watercolored Water decals

Hi all!!! I'm going to Wendover today. It's like a little town in Northwest Nevada. It's there so that, ya know, Utahns can gamble too.
I should have done blackjack nails for this day, but I have these neat looking decals to try out, soooo, here we are!!!

This water decal sheet is available from The Born Pretty Store. I think it will be fun for having a crazy Saturday night in Vegas Wendover. They remind me of a watercolor of some sort. Modern art, right? Or perhaps they are a tie dye thing. Naw, watercolor for sure! I'm holding my Venique Wing Tip White because I used it as the base, and wasn't sure if there was any transparency to this water decal. There's not!
This is hands down the BEST water decal I've ever used! There's no wrinkled, even across the whole nail, they dried fast, but stayed easily movable is I kept them wet.
I love them....

You should give them a shot from! Use my coupon code at Born Pretty to get some discounts!!!

Born Pretty Review.Water decal accessory sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
  Venique polish self-purchased.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Freindship Bracelet French Tip!

Hi all...
I haven't been so well in the last few weeks.

But here are nails, so it's okay!!!
Super short post, today!

=D Love!!!

This is a suuuper cute water decal sheet from The Born Pretty Store. I wasn't sure how to do a cute manicure with these, but I totally love the designs! They remind me of those little friendship bracelets I used to make when I was a kid!
I used my OPI Can't Let Go and Zoya Mira. The water decal was super easy to apply, and there are tons on the sheet to choose from!

I want to redo this manicure someday with a BFF. Dawwww... I love this sheet of decals, and I want to also do a full french manicure with it, not just a little accent.

Buy stuff from Born Pretty with my coupon code. =3

Born Pretty Review.Water decal accessory sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
Zoya and OPI polishes self-purchased.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

New boots are a cause of inspiration!

Hi guys!!! I'm off today and should absolutely be doing homework. But this is taking up my time instead, Which I think is perfectly okay, because I'll be doing homework like super soonish, kay??

Si got these little nail art accessories from Lady Queen, and wasn't sure exactly what to do with them. Then I got these super cute new boots from Amazon and was inspired.

Sometimes I think this little 'buckle' looks more like a Pilgrim hat than a nice decorative buckle, but that's okay. It's still super fashionable to wear buckles on hats, right!? This little accessory can be purchased right here through They could probably be used with like making little paintings on your nails! Oh, now I want to do that and frame my work with them!!
I just simply applied it with a clear coat as a glue thing,and filled in the space with a clear gel from Sensationail so it was all neat and stuff. The colors used are Zoya Raven and China Glaze Recycle. I used a sponge to create the marbled mixed color effect. I super love these nails, and they matched my dark outfit today. Woo! I thought the matte coat on the accent was a nice touch.

Here is the boots. Awww, so cute. =D They are a little scuffed already, of course. I love the color so much!

If you want these, or many other nail art accessories and things, check out Lady Queen, and remember to use my coupon code for 15% off your order!!

Alright, Java and calculus time.
Lady Queen Review. Metal frame accessory sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
Zoya and China Glaze polishes self-purchased.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Abstract Stripes - Water decal art

Wooow is what I can say about these decals! This is so neat and crazy! =D

I'm IN LOVE with these decals from Lady Queen! I love black and white nail art to begin with, and I extra love that this is really crazy with minimal effort. These full nail decals were actually easier to use than the previous posts decals. After application I applied my Seche Vite and the loose ends pulled right off again.
I'm not sure why these decals were easier to apply, but truly, they were so simply! This sheet aslo has enough that if you mess up a bit, you've got plenty more to go for. Also, being that black and white is such an easy color combo, you could so easily use this as simply an accent nail. =D
The white is a brand new bottle of Venique Wing Tip White. I've been needing this new bottle for so long, and treated myself to two. :3

If you want these decals, check them out with this link from Kind of I love them. I want to keep them all of the time!!!

Use my coupon code for 15% off, though!

Lady Queen Review. Water decals sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
Venique polish self-purchased.

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Almost 8-bit Decals

This title may be a tad misleading. =)
I say it because these water decals are all pixelly! But also aren't! From further away than just a few inches they look all marbled and awesome. Also blue and yellow are such cool colors together!

I wasn't sure at first if I much cared for them, but it turns out they are pretty neat. =)
These water decals are fun tip coverage decals, but I had a bit of a hard time getting them flat. I may have accidentally ruined two of them, hence the different directions I have going on here.
This is the link to these decals on Lady Queen. They have so many awesome little nail art and nail accessories. I have another decal coming soon! =D Hopefully they are going to be a bit easier in applying. The other think I wasn't too fond of, is that there are only 10 decals. Often, you will get a set of at least 12 in little guys like this, for you know, if you mess up like I did!
I used a super cute loose glitter from Sally called Punk Rock over a wet coat of Butter London Cheeky Chops. I love the texured glitter look. =3

So, the design is nice with these decals, so if you have a bit of patients and try really hard not to mess up, you can get a cute mani from these! Use my coupon code on to save 15%!!


Happy superbowl weekend! May your team win and stuff! I'll be watching because there are snacks at the party. Yup.
Lady Queen Review. Water decals sent for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy here.
Butter London polish self-purchased.

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