Sunday, February 24, 2013

Movie Inspired!

Day 23 of my 4 monthish challenge of when I get around to it - Inspired by a Movie!

I seriously wanted Space Jam...But that just didn't happen. Oh well, next best thing!

TRON!!! Zoya Raven and Yummy, but you can barely see the blue there. Not what I really had in mind, but I like it!

Tron Legacy, to be exact. When this came out I was totally obsessed. I watched it all the time much to my boyfriend's annoyance, I'm sure. In fact, I should probably get to watching it again soon. =D

Also, the soundtrack is totally amazing! ♥
And Olivia Wilde, are you kidding me?? You don't even need another reason to watch this!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Dark Side of the Moon nails - Tutorial

Hey everyone!!! A few asked for a tutorial of my most recent mani, so I thought I'd deliver!!

This is the finished product of a few days ago. I LOVE it matte. Glossy was great, but This is my favorite, I think.

Let's begin!!
You will need a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Also white, black, and tape!
I used Venique The perfect Accessory, Zoya Jancyn and Creamy, CG Gaga for Green, Zoya Robyn and Mira. Venique Wingtip White and Zoya Storm!

Start with a white base. Put striping tape on your index and middle fingers for the shaft of light going into the prism. I've outlined where I've placed scotch tape so you can see better. You will want to wait for the white to dry completely(or cheat with Seche Vite) before doing any taping. You want to start with white, especially for the rainbow! Colors don't like to go over black and show up very well...

Tape over this with your black! Remember to remove the tape quickly, while the polish is still wet. If your lines went crooked or flooded under the tape, you can touch up the white later with a tiny brush.

These are some of the pieces of tape cut for prism and rainbow outline. Shoutout to Masha's tweezers! You'll get them back...Eventually. ♥

You can do the prism with the small triangle scotch(as I did), and then using that as a guide for striping tape and carefully fill in the middle. OR - you can simply use just striping tape from the beginning. But that's harder, I think.

Top it! Your index and middle are done, now it's just the rainbow left!
Hint - The shaft is supposed to be smaller. So, instead of starting with white, start with black on those fingers and tape off a tiny line to fill in with white. Not much more work involved with that, but it's more true to album cover, so try it! The only problem is the ring finger. you may have problems because it needs to start white for the rainbow. But we are all beautiful and creative, I'm sure we can do it!

Tape off the prism edge for the next steps. This way you get a clean edge for the rainbow! Using striping tape on the BOTTOM, use a tiny brush for each color. You have to eyeball it to get the 6 colors in there evenly, but that's not so bad. You can do it!

Use tape only on the bottom, because the top will have a small ridge from the previous tape. Just be careful with your small brush and this ridge will help you guide the next color in!
For crisper lines, use tape on top and bottom. The downfall is that you have to wait until it's perfectly dry before adding any tape.

I accidentally used yellow next, so you'll see that on the tape. Oops. Oh well, nothing the orange can't cover!

 Go all the way down. No tape needed for the purple, as I already have a guide on the top and bottom!

Remove tape and top it off!

Crap...I realized after I finished that I forgot to document the diffused light shaft in the prism. Let me just explain! Tape off the area from the top of your light shaft to the top of the rainbow, as well as bottom to bottom. My rainbow is WAY too high on the prism to do this, so my diffused light is lower. Be sure to keep that in mind when you first place the tape for the rainbow.
Using a tiny piece of cosmetic sponge, sponge on the white. You may want to dip your sponge and sponge away excess polish before using it on your nail as this is such a tiny space.
Or - using your small brush, just make little strokes in your prism going about halfway, starting from the light shaft.

I wanted a different finish this time than last time. This is Hits Hefesto. It's a pretty holo topcoat! It's so hard to capture this in a photo, but you get the idea.

You know, because Zoya Storm just wasn't glittery enough...

Thanks to everyone who commented and gave critique on this, from here and Reddit! Thanks to those who asked for a tutorial, as well! Hope to see TONS of Pink Floyd manicures popping up. ♥♥



I mattified the Hefesto. Not sure how I feel about that. It sure loses a lot of it's holo effect this way.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

I'll see you on the dark side of the moon...

Hey all!
I've been fairly excited for day 22 of this challenge(what am I on, like day 78 or something??). I wanted to do this mani for rainbow day, but I did that gradient. Anyhow, Raine at Lacquer Lily showed me her awesome mani for rainbow, and I remembered how much I wanted to do this! I said with much excitement, "I'm doing that for my song day!!". Then I looked at the challenge and realized it IS song day!!!

I hope nobody thinks I am trying to be the copycat or steal any sort of thunder, I really DID have this in mind. =)

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Nails. Alright, I'm terrible. It's an album not a song, but whatevs.

Zoya Storm and Venique Wingtip White for black and white.
Rainbow - Venique The Perfect Accessoy, Zoya Jancyn, OPI Need Sunglasses?, Claire's Mood Green(??), Zoya Robyn, Zoya Mira. I couldn't get the green that I wanted to use open, so I had a back up. It's a mood color changing green from Claire's called Happy/Earthy I think. Striping tape all the way!

Anyhow, this has always been my favorite mani. Remember this one?? I said I was going to redo it, and I did!! If I did it over (and I probably will someday), I will remember to put the fade into the prism. I told myself to do it, and then didn't. Oh well!!!

If you haven't done so already, I suggest heading on over to Lost in Lacquer for a fancy pants giveaway that she is hosting!!! Or not. That makes my chances better. =D
(no really, do)

 Here, I fixed it.
I added the prism fade!!!

 Also, matte looks pretty cool. =) Warpaint Beauty mattecoat from Hot Topic.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

I made a wooden polish rack! Also Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey everyone!!! I'm finally getting beck to you with day 21 of this challenge. Yeah, I'm not on top of it. But oh well! This day is Inspired by a Color! I just got my Julep Cupid's Mystery box, and it had some pretty reds and pinks in it. So that's what I drew the inspiration from. That, and I needed Vday nails anyway, right?

But first things first - I made a wooden polish rack!!!


To show you how the shelves are set up

Click the pictures for a larger size. I made this out of a hardwood 1/4 underlayment. This wood is generally used for drawer bottoms or cupboard backings and things. There was multiple kinds, and I could have gone cheaper. But I thought, why not just go all out, I'll be happier in the end! So I did.
I still have one more to make, as there is about this much polish still waiting for a home. You know, the odds and ends bottles that can't make the rainbow. So I would say what you see here is about half of my collection. I REALLY need to update my collection page. So as soon as the sencong shelf is made, I'll do a count and get that doccumented.

Here is my pretty nails!!!

All Julep, so I don't have to use multiple tags.
Red - Molly
Pink - Niecy
White - Eileen
Silver Holo - Rebel

The tiny dotting tool worked perfectly on my pinkie, then suddenly stopped working for the others. Oh well, I made the mani work, I think.

Hope you all have a great day, regardless of Valentine's or other!!!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 20 - Water Marble

I wanted to try this new craze sweeping the nail art world with this one. Rubbing alcohol! So this is still using the water technique. Drip some polish onto water surface, and sprits with rubbing alcohol!  It gives it this cool broken up look. You can change the design by being closer or further away in your spritzing.

China Glaze For Audrey, Venique Sole Train, and OPI Just Spotted the Lizard are the colors used. Each nails has TWO marbles on it! One Venique and one OPI. I thought it kind of had a turquoise feel to it. Cute!!


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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Space, the Final Frontier!

Hey all! Day 19 of this challenge is Galaxy Nails! It's been a long time since I've done this design, and I wanted something new. I didn't really get something new. But I like it!

Zoya Storm, Venique Wingtip White, Zoya Paige, Zoya Indigo(you can see a bit of deep blue in there), Zoya Creamy is the yellow, and all topped off with Venique Clear is the new Sexy!!!

I really had this idea to have a nifty spiral galaxy. I saw some super fancy nails, and some even fancier galaxies and was inspired! I got close enough. I now regret adding white dots, but it could be worse!! I've been watching me some Dragonball GT while doing my nails recently. Sometimes there is pretty cool space scenes that I was inspired by as well. Yes, I am a Dragonball nerd. =)

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