Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Stand for Marriage Equality!

Hey everyone! I'm sure you have seen this image today ALL over! Well, here it is again!

I stand for marriage equality! I sported my reds today! Nice top, 5 inch heels, no big deal! But I HAD to have it on my nails! Nothing fancy for this. Sadly, I had a bad break about 2 weeks ago. I mean bad! Barely recovering. So its just simple!

China Glaze Merry Berry topped with Essie Shine of the times! I realized I'm holding CG City Siren..I grabbed the wrong one for pictures!!! Oh well. You would have never known had I not told you!

Sadly enough, my ring finger has a wrap on it. The top isn't going to last long. =( Be prepared for 3 more weeks without a post. -sadface-
Or, whenever the length is reasonable, I suppose.

"Why don't you just do your right hand?"
Because...I've...I've been biting!!! I know, I'm terrible, but they look even worse and I feel bad!!! I'm working on it again. Sometimes habits get picked back up and they suck...


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Thursday, March 7, 2013

My short nails!!

Hey everyone.
I'm so done with this challenge! I just have no inspiration and want to do other things! This book day has really been giving me grief because I don't read. Yeah, I know, terrible.

Anyhow, this is for Day 24 - Inspired by a book

This is the hardbound cover for Harry potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Because I couldnt think of anything else!

I almost did a Colbert book, but that didn't work...

So here is this!
China Glaze Fancy Pants and Zoya Raven.

How are those short round nails? Yeah I hate them. =( But a couple corners chipped off, so I needed a new shape. Maybe round wouldn't be so bad, but I'm not digging the length! They will grow though, so I shouldn't worry!

Whooo...Almost done with this challenge. I am making a challenge! It will be super fun, and not as stressful as trying to think of a book for inspiration. =)

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