Monday, February 20, 2012

Frosty Night, Starry Sky

Hi friends!!!
I went to Cosmo Prof again today. =/
You know what that means!!! Basically, it means this color on this mani is brand spankin' new!! Onto the fancy pics!

Venique Peep Toe Shoe, Venique Wingtip White.
I am in LOVE with this teal color.  It is so ridiculously pretty!

I was inspired by the cold frost outside, and how I wish the clouds would go away so I can see the stars. Well, they won't. So I did it on my nails!!! This mani is for the girls at Cosmo Prof. Because every time I go in my nails are just crap, and you probably don't believe me when I say I love nail art. So here you go!!!

I've been learning new tips and tricks with my camera and how to get better lighting and color. So this is so far the best quality pics I've had...i think.

Here is just a swatch of Venique Peep Toe Shoe. Beautiful, yes?

Any pointers or constructive criticism on the nails AND photos is appreciated! <3 <3



  1. Lovely nail art especially the white frost with the stars it looks dreamy :)
    How much do the Venique nail polishes costs? I know that at Cosmoprof, they only sell to those with a license but I was just wondering...

  2. I defentitely see the improvment in the pictures! Great, keep working! I have to get a similar polish. That is a color I have not in my stash!

    And love your nail art!!! =)

  3. This is really beautiful!! :D

  4. I always stare longingly at Cosmo Profs... wishing they'd let me in...

    I REALLY love that shade of polish. Reminds me of what I wanted Zoya's Cynthia to be.

    Are you using the macro function on your camera? I ask because the pictures look really good just like they're missing that extra hint of clarity that macro shots use. The nails (and the pics) look great though :)

    1. I don't use macro. I have no idea about the lens on my camera, I just use it!

      I give a small blur to my pics (recently) because it smooths out my skin. I'll admit it, I hate my skin. xD
      But I am leaning all kinds of tips and tricks with my editing program so I think they are getting better!

  5. Would you mind showing how you did this? Its lovely!

  6. I love this. This is super cute!

  7. I agree could you explain the steps you took to create this super cute look?


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