Monday, September 10, 2012

Julep Swatches / Julep Maven

Hey friends!
I recently hopped on board with he Julep Maven thing. I have received my intro box, and my first month already! Here are swatches of the lovely colors I got!! Moore on the Maven below!

 Eileen. At first glance, I thought this was an off-white color. After having worn it, I realized it's not, it just has a cooler tone. 3 coats, and a top. Trina Turn collection.

Popova. Oh so nice! I got this one as a free add-on. Had I known that Hoch was going to be more green than blue, I might have picked another. But still pretty!! Trina Turn collection.

 Hoch. In pics on the site, I thought this was going to have more blue, less green. I still love this color though!! 2 coats. Much better consistency! Trina Turn collection.

 Clair. Aww, pretty blue! This also took 3 coats and a top..Hm.

 Morgan. This one is my least favorite, but if you know me, you know I am in love with cremes!!! So that's why. Not the formula or color, just the finish. Personal preference! Anyway, this is the one I ended up sticking with after the swatches were done. I gotta get out of my creme fantasy world. xD

 Blake. This yellow is so cute! The brightness on this pic is a little high, but the color is very true! Other than this took about 3 coats, and a top coat to get a nice, smooth look.

So about this Maven thing...Let me just tell you that I got these 6 (and a nice mascara, but you could end up with another polish!) for $20!! And one cent...

This is because of the $.01 intro deal they had when I signed up! I don't know the full rules on that, but maybe it's still going on! The code I used was MAVENINTRO! Another code that can work is PENNY. Take your pick!
You can choose your intro box, and any month box after that if you log in and change it. You also get a free add-on your first month!!

You can get your intro box for one penny, AND use the referral program!

Click here to sign up right away! =D  It's silly though, an ad for the 'social calendar' will be there. Let that change to the next add about what your style is,THEN click it!

You must stay signed up for 30 days for the referral code to work, but even 2 months is totally worth it!!

At first I thought this program was too expensive...But the quality is nice, and the sheer excitement of nail mail each month is just awesome! I will probably be sticking with it! Even though my first thought was to only have 2 months. Oh well! I recommend it, it's fun!!


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At September 10, 2012 at 10:59 PM , Blogger GoingtotheShowing said...

Beautiful swatches!

At September 14, 2012 at 11:21 PM , Blogger The Daily Lacquerista said...

Gorgeous colors!! I just signed up for it!!! :D


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