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Venique Sweet Little Addictions Swatches and Reviews

Hello everyone!
This collection that I have today has been out for a little over a month now, but I'm just getting my hands on it and reviewing it.

Venique's new collection is called Sweet Little Addictions. It's a candy coated collection of bright neons! They are all UV reactant, too! Some way more than others.

A few characteristics of all of these colors (so I don't say it six times!) is that they dry with a rubbery finish. Not exactly matte, but definitely not super shiny. You may see some shine in the pics, but that has a bit to do with the fact that I take my pics before they are set and dry. They are all a creme to jelly formula. I say both because it's almost somewhere in the middle. Each is opaque within 2 coats, unless specified. I'm kind of very in love with this collection!

Sugar Hi-Heeled is probably the blue that I've been looking for. I don't know why I wanted it, but this is it! 2 coats. The color is very bright, but not blinding. The first application was almost watery, but this may be my fault for lack of shaking. The second coat was opaque and thick as it should be.

 Give a Girl a Heel Breaker. This almost minty green is the only one that needed 3 coats. The formula seems to be a bit thinner than the others. The color is very nice. It's much more pastel than neon, but still calls for a "wow, that's a bright nail color!"

 Kara-Melt Chews was incredibly hard to photograph. The camera said it was more deep purple than it really is. I won't lie, I had to color manipulate this one to get the color closer to what it really is. It is a bright fuchsia color. Of the collection, this is the least UV reactant.

I'm a Sucker For Wedges. This bright pink almost needed 3 coats, but I let it slide. It is incredibly similar to the color listed below. I almost had a hard time remembering which one was which when I began to edit the photos.

Sugar on Hi-Platforms. You've seen this one before! This pic is so much better, though. It actually shows the color! It's more bubble-gum colored than the one listed above, but very similar. I think that one of these colors should have been replaced by a yellow or red to complete this rainbow of colors a bit more. Both pinks are lovely shades, but very similar for the same collection.

Orange Strap Wedges. Think of that bright orange hat and jacket that hunters wear. Yep, this is it. This photo tones down the vibrance of this color quite a bit, but I think you'll thank me for that! This orange is so bright that I swear I didn't need a UV light to give it the same effect! Outside, in the sunlight with everything else bright, this may look lovely. But indoors with only artificial light it is incredibly distracting! I'm not knocking the color at all, I'm just giving a fair warning! Had I given this pic the full brightness of the color, it would have looked terrible on even the most perfect of calibrated monitors!

That being said, a few of these pics may look bad on some monitors. They seem to be fine on my system(which is by no means calibrated, so here's hoping!), as well as a few others I've looked with. They are bright. Hopefully they won't blind you! I'll tone down the contrast if I need to. Let me know!

Here is a bonus picture. I set them up to my blacklight just to show you how vibrant they can be. Check out that orange!!

Very slow shutter speed with this. They are in the order listed in the post. I love how the floor is illuminated by the polishes! As you can see, Kara-Melt Chews hardly has any brightness to it under the blacklight. Definitely has some, however! Orange Strap Wedges just blows me away in this light! I think it will be my new clubbing polish. =)

PS - YAY I built a new lightbox! It's not quite everything I want yet, but it's so much better! I'm actually pleased with the pictures. =D

See you next time!♥

All polishes in this review were purchased by me. This post is in no way endorsed by Venique.

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At May 6, 2013 at 6:56 PM , Blogger JFloColman said...

look at that glow!

At May 6, 2013 at 8:12 PM , Blogger Amanda said...

So I'm trying to make glow in the dark nail polishes and the pigments do not want to stay mixed. These look really cool though!


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