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Venique Glitters: Swatches and Reviews

Hey everyone!
Here are some Venique swatches for you! Be warned: All of these pics could use a bit of focusing. Glitter is hard to shoot! And, as we all know is my least favorite polish ever!!But it's been a while since I've done swatches, so i am up for the challenge. Here we have it!

Here we have Hurray Huarache. I think that's a food?? I am not sure how to pronounce it... This blue and the two to follow are a part of the Hells of Glitz collection. The dry almost textured. Which would make sense because of the amount of glitter! This is 2 coats. The base is clear, and would look better over a blue of similar shade. It's match in the collection is Heavy Metal Tapping (see a swatch on this post). Of course that would be the best match!

This is Slingback Fun. I only have one pic because it was incredibly hard to get any in focus! This one kinda works. 2 coats. Like the blue of the collection, the base is clear and would look far better over a pink of similar shade. If the Shoe Fits? is the match in the collection. Sadly, I don't own that one.

 Shoe Allure is the final glitter in the Heels of Glitz collection. Clear base as well on this one. Also 2 coats in these pictures. I'm so much more drawn to purple than the other two colors of the collection. So this is my favorite of the the 3! The match is Strapped and Concealed. Again, I don't own that color either. Sad face.

This is a WONDERFUL purple glitter! Crushed Icicle is the name. The first pic is just ONE COAT! I almost thought that was good enough to post, but I took a second shot of two coats. It's super lovely, and very solid in color. Maybe that's just because I didn't shake it well enough? Ha, just kidding. It's just a great polish! It dries textured (as it is advertised), but not quite much compared to Zoya Pixi Dust, or OPI Liquid Sand. I am falling more and more in love with textures, however! Unless they aren't sparkly. Which is strange for me...

Here is Raging Crimson, also sold a a Textured polish. Yes, It compares to the textures of other brands, and is very visible in the swatch! The purple, pink, and red glitters are super cute. This is two coats. I am pretty sure I have a new favorite. Even though I say that after nearly every polish I try. I just can't believe how much I an loving textures! For fun, lets add a top coat:

Blown out much?
(For fun, let's add focus? Thanks camera, that'd be great!)

Last but not least is one I've had for a looong time now. Deviant Little Sneaker is a purple based glitter with silver and red. Given the nature of glitter, it's a bit textured, but it wasn't advertised that way. The first pic here is 2 coats, and the second and third are 3 with topcoat! I needed this one shiny!
So I think I'm going insane about this polish. My mind and the bottle tell me I've used it before, but by blog says otherwise. Looking at these pics I think I know what it was: I wanted to swatch it, but it's horrible to shoot! I must have swatched, shot and scrapped it because the pics didn't turn out. Not this time, though! I'm sticking it out so you can see the pretties.

OH NOO!!! I've completely wasted these polishes! Now I can't use them for the Untried Challenge!!! Oh well, they got their love elsewhere. =)

Overall, Raging Crimson is my fave in this post. Slingback Fun is my least. This isn't to say it won't have a purpose, but the 3 from the Glitz collection just aren't appealing on their own. So maybe I should blame myself for not owning the whole thing. But you will most likely see all of these polishes in the future. =D

Quick note about the pics: I'm not really professing to be a photographer here. I took all of these pics in the exact same light, same camera, same place etc. I have yet to figure out why my skin can't pick a tone and stay with it. Oh well!
Also if you were questioning it, yes I did lose my other glitter swatch post. It only had 17 views, so no big deal. Also it was missing some glitters.

All polishes in this review were purchased by me. This post is in no way endorsed by Venique.

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At April 27, 2013 at 11:09 AM , Blogger Leelo said...

Great swatches. I really like the Raging Crimson.

At April 28, 2013 at 5:48 PM , Blogger JFloColman said...

great swatches!

At April 29, 2013 at 4:48 AM , Blogger Bunny Nails said...

Very nice swatches! Raging Crimson and Crushed Icicle are my favs. ♥♥♥


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