Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Untried Challenge Number 4: Neutral

Hey all! How are you on this fine evening?
I am amazing! My favorite band played a concert on Sunday, and I am still giddy from that. Any MSI fans out there? I touched Jimmy's face... My life is complete.

Oh, so nails!! This untried challenge is Neutral! I used 2 lovelies on this one. Check it out!

Whhatttt? I was outside during the DAY?!? That's new for me. Taking nail pics outside is hard. I paint my nails at 1am. =/

This is Zoya Kennedy and Flowie. Flowie is the bottle I am holding, the lighter of the two. Striping tape gradients are always so much fun! I'm glad to have finally gotten to use these two lovely colors. And they look great together!

Bonus for you today. While I was outside, Hamlet decided to pay me a visit while taking pictures. He's such a sweetie!!!

Short post today, gotta get over to Masha's house to do stuff that bloggers do when they aren't blogging! Speaking of her, check out the others who are participating in this challenge!!!

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Until next time! ♥


  1. I love MSI that sounds like so much fun!! also I love that idea, it looks soooo classy, I might steal this for someday :D

  2. I'm so glad I got to see these lovelies in person! :D I need to do a quilted gradient soon too!

  3. Tape gradients are a lot of fun! It looks so fancy, like you put a lot of extra work into it. Also, I'm digging the bonus picture of Hamlet.

  4. What?!? I love this. You girls in the challenge are inspiring me all over the place. Put this on my list of things to try.

    Also your kitty looks eerily similar to mine. They must be long lost brothers. :-)

  5. That's so pretty!! I've always wanted to try that technique

  6. i love this!! good to know i'm not the only one painting my nails at the crack of midnight!

  7. i have been obsessing over nudes! and your cat is adorable! i always love a good cat picture :-P

  8. I've never gradiented over tape. It looks absolutely lovely. I'll have to try it asap!


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