Sunday, April 21, 2013

Untried Challenge Number 1: One Color

Hey everyone! I'm VERY excited to start my new challenge with some lovely lacqueristas!

I recently posted this challenge and a few others are joining me. It's going to be awesome!!! So PLEASE check out the other lovelies who will be joining in on this fun.

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Here is Challenge Number 1. This just calls for one color: one untried polish. It's a very simple way to start out a new challenge. As I'm looking over my collection, I realize just how hard this is going to be. I have tons of untrieds, but also MANY that I've simply swatched. Sometimes it's hard to remember (if only I had a blog archive or something...). If picking even one color so far has been this difficult, I see a lot of challenging fun ahead! =D

[edit] New pictures. I'm sorry you even had to see the other pics. =)

I think it was untried for a reason! Scherer Chameleon Sky Blue. I bought it >1 year ago. It sat there in its bottle separating and looking all duochromey. I was just never that attracted to it! After applying it I was right to not be. The formula is ok, but seems to dry a bit too fast for my slow application. I have never liked the look of the pearly finish, because it always streaks... Streaks make my pictures look worse!
IRL, the color is nice, and the duochrome is actually pretty decent. I had to apply multiple coats of Seche Vite to smooth out the look of my nail's ridges. Usually a polish will do that for me, but this one shows every flaw in my nails![edit] As seen in these new pics, I redid this swatch with a coat of SV under the polish and over the base. MUCH better!

Overall assessment: This will probably be a one-time-use polish, to be perfectly honest. =(

Looking forward to the next challenge!


  1. May I join?

    1. Absolutely! I will be sure to get you tagged and try to let others know!

  2. What a gorgeous polish, and what a fun challenge! Makes me wish I had more untrieds, lol :)

  3. I hate when you get disappointed by a polish, thats always the worst. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  4. You know I wouldn't say never. I probably wouldn't wear it by itself, but it could be really cool for some art! Knowing you, you'd think of something completely amazing!

  5. It's a pretty color but I can see what you mean about the formula :(

  6. Ah well, at least you know now that's it's not for you! You can send it to a loving home instead of having it sit unused in your stash :) I think it's pretty though, that duochrome's lovely, but I know what you mean about that sort of finish looking streaky and showing up ridges! Have you tried sponging on the final layer of polish? Apparently that sorts out the streakiness.

  7. I love the duochrome finish, but damn that is one unforgiveable polish. Maybe it'd be better with a ridge filling base coat underneath?

  8. I like this colour, but I tend not to use blues that often. It looks lovely from the pictures though!

  9. I heard for streaky pearly polishes a lot of people sponge a thin layer on top at the end to cover up the streaks! Hope this helps! :)


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