Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dear Summer, Please Don't End

Hi all!
I got some winter blues the other day. Like, I was super sad because it's going to be cold soon. Ok, I mean in a few months, but still. I decided I needed at least one really good summer manicure to make me feel better, so her is a pretty!

All photos inside, with flash.

This is Zoya Jolene (bottle), and Zoya Jancyn. The gradient kinda workedish. Not too bad though. I'm REALLY pleased with the stamp. Its BM 318 with Julep Eileen. It's a very nice stamping polish I've decided. I'm pleased I didn't forget how to stamp so much.=) However, If I redid this it would be with a stamp over the gradient, and not just a solid color. Middle finger is Zoya Miranda Pixie Dust. I so love texture polish. I need like a thousand more!!!!

Sorry short post. But that's cool, right? =)


  1. I can totally relate to your sentiments. I want summer to stay forever!! This is really pretty!

    1. Thank you! It's been so long since I've done an actual FUN mani with art and stuff. I keep looking at them and giggling like it's all brand new!

  2. It's such a cute mani, I love it <3

  3. Hehe, I don't want the summer to end either ;)
    Love the manicure :)

  4. Summer is my favorite season. I wish it never ends..lol
    Lovely manicure dear. :-)

  5. That's adorable, I love this design <3


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