Saturday, May 19, 2012

Candy Stripes

Hey everyone!!

The giveaway has closed!!! I will be announcing the winner soon!! <3 I have to go through and clean up the entries first.
Until then, here is a super cute mani I did today; complete with more pictures than usual! Woohoo! Tim says that his first thought was star burst, but not the candy! Then I thought of candy... and then it looked delicious!
I've been thinking lots of polish looks delicious lately...Whimsical anyone? =D

So I wanted to do something more colorful than what I have been wearing. I made a cool green franken on Thursday, but it's super fall-ish. I'll share it with you later!

This is Zoya Dana, Zoya Jolene, and Essie A Cut Above.
Zoya Dana is so pretty!!

After Dana, I used tape to apply Jolene. I'm a bit sad because Dana and SV weren't totally dry, wrinkling them a bit under the tape, and making the lines uneven..Boo.

While that was super pretty, I decided glitter. Right?? That's always a good finishing move!!!
I tried to gradient this, but it's not got enough glitter in it to gradient very well. But still so pretty!!!

Both of these Zoya are from the Flash collection. Check it out here!!
<3 <3


  1. Pretty. I love a cut above.

  2. Love the result :) The glitter makes it perfect!

  3. ola!!!!!

    adorei o teu blog e por isso ja sou membro! sera que podias
    fazer uma visitinha ao meu e aderires? obrigado ;-) bjs grandes

  4. Very nice mani!


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