Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm still around, honest! Also older art!

Hello dear readers!
I am still alive and kicking, promise! I always hate it when I go so long without posting something. I know, it's not even been a week, and that's reaallly not that long. That all doesn't matter! I still feel bad. =(
Tonight, If I had my laptop, I would have pictures of awesome Zoya stuff! As it is, I only have the boyfriends computer. It's so fancy and big...but no card reader. Really? All these fancy gadgets and it doesn't have the one thing I need....So until my laptop is back, I will share a few older manis with you!!!
Some fancy camo-ish water marbling!!! =D There is brown there, but very little.

Tape! This was fun. My first taping adventure. Kinda totally love it!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Nails!! I did this around Halloween last year. Acrylic paint is pretty effin awesome if I say so myself! Accept my teeny brush I used got ruined...Gotta find another..

So anyway, all of these were really before I cared much about presentation of pics. So we'll ignore the flooded cuticles and the painful looking ouches. Also how my hands are held. So just enjoy the art and don't worry about all of that!!!

Loves to you all!


Love to read your comments!