Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 28...Finally!

I've been soooo lazy with this last week of the challenge!! This one is inspired by a flag. So I give you a twist on the Polish Flag. that's POH-lish, guys! There is a story behind this, but first...PICS!!

I love the sticker! <3

Ok, story...When I first made my Nail Polish Party event on facebook it was simply called "Polish Party". Seriously, everyone thought Poland. We all had a laugh and wanted to being sausage to the party, although no one did...=(. Anyhow, I said I was going to crayon draw a Polish flag and pin it to the door of the party, but after seeing that it was just 2 equal halves, red on bottom, white on top I kinda lost my inspiration to do so! Still, it's an awesome flag and I thought I would give it the honor of being my challenge flag!! Also inspired by Ayumi Hamasaki!!

Xtreme Wear White on, China Glaze Bing Cherry, Venique Dominating Thigh Highs for the black.


  1. Very nice nail art. It kind of reminds me of poke balls, only cuter :)

    1. That's what it reminded me of, too! I tried to not make it so Pokeball-esque for that reason, but I still love it!

  2. these are so cute! love the story too, Polish polish - haha i love it!

  3. AHAHAH!! Well to be honest, Polish (Poland) parties are amazing!!! :D I've been to quite a few with the most amazing food, drinks and people! XD That is so funny!! XD I think people should have brought the sausages to your party (especially Kielbasa yum!!). These nails are great! :D


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