Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gaga, Ooh La La!

Day 22 is Inspired by a Song! Lady Gaga - Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)

We can be strong, We can be stong
Out on this lonely road, on the road to love
We can be strong, we can be strong
Follow that unicorn on the road to love!!

Used: SH White on, SC Black on Black, and the So Easy Stripe Rite striper thing you can get at Sally's. The red glittery one, obviously!!! The stamp plate is a knock off I have of Konad m57. I got it from that As Seen on TV stamper thing bought at Rite Aid.

I think Gaga must wear a lot of lace out on her motorcycle. Also, I'm going to do my nails like this when I go on a big ride this summer. Yes...I ride a motorcycle! =D And I friggedy love it!!!

There she is! Lorelei! 

<3 Jonochi


  1. That looks very "Gothic loli"

    I nominated you to Liebster Blog Award!

  2. Oh my, thank you!!! <3
    I will have to post about it. Not totally sure how it works, but I will figure it out!! =D

  3. I love this! Lace stamps are my absolute favorite and the red glittery heart just makes this all the better.

  4. these look amazing!! and <3 Gaga and that song! awesome bike too, i had another friend who named his bike lorelei

  5. I love this mani, the combo of hearts & lace is gorgeous! Great entry to Rejoice's accent nail contest, good luck!


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