Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Day 21..Seriously I've been going at this for 3 weeks??? You'll get pics soon!!!
21 Inspired by a Color. Ulta Tink-Her-Bell for the glitter over Nicki Minaj's OPI Pink Fiday!!

Also got my fimo canes today...I think I suck at using them.
I pressed too hard and it rippled and bubbled. They're so fun to slice! =D I went crazy with one and sliced a bunch and didn't even use them.

I just have no clue about them. Seems like common knowledge, but honestly, I have no idea! They are so foreign to me...Gotta play I guess!

<3 Jono


  1. This manicure is so cute!! :D Also, fimo slices are so fun!!! :D

  2. Hi. I nominated you to Liebster Blog Award!


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