Friday, August 7, 2015

Guys! Look what I did!! (Don't get tooo excited, though!)

Hi everyone!
So I'm sitting here for months thinking, "Oh I'll make a blog post soon, just gotta wait til my nails aren't so short and gross.."
And then I said, naw, make those nails pretty! So I did some Gelish and fiberglass overlays, made them a little longer and painted them. YES!! =D

Here you go with pics. I'll explain in a minute...

Okay so here is the thingy, I haven't blogged in.... almost 2 years now?!?! Or has it been that? Anyway, I forgot how to take and edit pictures. So I had to sit here for evers trying to reteach myself that. That was fun. Hey, it didn't turn out so bad!

I also forgot how to pretty much do any kind of nail art! So here we have Zoya Blaze french. The lines aren't straight, and the silly sticker(I don't know the brand, sorry...It's a sticker from my early days of collecting nail pretties) is super haphazardly placed. But you know what? I did a pretty!

I want to talk about Gelish for a minute. This is a thing that I have picked up and started to play with. I have yet to read anyone's blogs and posts about any sort of gel nails, so if you have some bitchin posts, PLEASE drop a link below so I can learn all about the awesome gels! In the meantime, let me give you a small rundown of what I did with it.
I picked up some horseshoe nail forms and a roll of 12ft ASN Fiberglass wraps from the beauty supply store.
First, I applied a thin layer of Gelish Foundation. Cure.
Then I applied a piece of fiberglass over the still sticky nail (double adhesion awwww yeah!). Gotta make it longer than the natural nail.
After the fiberglass was in place I applied a thicker coat of foundation over the whole nail, and onto the form and longer fiberglass. Make it MUCH thicker on the overhang (omg, is that what it's called? Two years is a long time...) so that it looks pretty natural. =) I can't go too think because thick fake looking nails are ew. You have to let that sit a second or two to soak into the fiberglass to hide it. Cure.
I then buffed the nails at this point because I kinda suck at keeping them not bumpy with the fiberglass, then applied the Top It Off and cured.
It took foreeeever because I was being picky with each nail trying to make it look nice. I think it turned out ok. =) I left it at that so that I can paint them whatever color I want and remove the polish with a non-acetone remover. Yay!
I don't anticipate always having the gel extensions on, but if I ever get breakage (if I ever get nails ^^'), you guys will never know. =D

Anyhow, I am already getting ready to remove the French tips (I made it ONE WHOLE DAY!), so I'll be blogging all about my adventures in relearning to nail art. Stay tuned.

Love you all! <3

Ps.. In the last two years, have I missed any super special new tricks that Blogger has? I'm out of the loop...

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At August 13, 2015 at 1:54 PM , Blogger JoanneD said...

It looks so beautiful <3

At August 13, 2015 at 6:24 PM , Blogger JFloColman said...

so nice to see you back :)

At August 14, 2015 at 10:06 AM , Blogger Jonochi said...

Yes and for real this time. :)
Thank you!:D


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