Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 7 - Black and White

I'm on the ball, YAY!

Don't forget to check out Lost in Lacquer and Lacquer Lily! These two are also doing this challenge!

Veniqure! Wing Tip White and Dominating Thigh Highs by Venique! Taping, striping tape, and splatter. Spatter. Either way! I used acrylic paint for the splats. It's much easier to clean, and sooo much cheaper to use for techniques that waste a lot. I was a little less than thrilled when the top coat dragged the black and made it all streaky. It was sooo perfect before then! But I still like it! I think it is super fun. There is way too much topcoat on all but the accent. It gives them this 'rounded' feel that I don't find appealing. Oh well, still cute!

I am seriously out of cotton balls... It is really putting a damper on my art. I hate using acetone with a paper towel! It just dries too fast.
Gotta get to the store.


  1. Love this mani!! It looks so glossy!!

  2. i love this! the splatter nails are freaking awesome, and your checkerboard is perfect!!

  3. *Sigh* I LOVE your blog! I love to check out what new nail ideas you have for each post. Your nails are awesome, your nail art is awesome...and I admire you so much! :-) I'm sure you already have more than 200 followers but I still nominated you for the Liebster Award. Just wanted to share some blogger to blogger love! Here's the link.
    :-) :-) :-)

    1. Awww, you are so sweet! I can't even thank you enough for this! ♥♥


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