Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So ready for spring!

Hello! It's been so warm lately. I've been enjoying it so much, I thought I would go ahead and share it on my nails!! Also I've been wanting to do tips for a while, AND I got new Zoya. What a better way to play?!

This here is Zoya Jancyn, with Sinful Colors UFO over the top. I wanted glitter. It's not like Jancyn isn't just beautiful all by itself... it's just that...GLITTER!!

I threw the fimo on as an afterthought. I felt it needed just a little something more.
I would usually place the fimo over the topcoat, but I cut it so thin it flattened out with no problem at all.

My kitty for reals is orange, so this reminds me of him!

This is Dr. Frank-N-Furter!! He likes to drink out of faucets and sleep on his back.

We got him thinking he was a girl...his siblings were VERY clearly boys. We brought 'her' home and named her Trixi. That was great and all until we noticed tiny male kitty parts on him...That's where his new name comes in! We call him Frankie for short!

Here's my two pretty kitties together! The black one is Buddy! =D

Loves to everyone! Can't wait to see more happy springy manis!!


  1. So cute!!! Both the mani and the kitties!!

  2. I was just reading your profile. I didn't know your from Utah.

  3. EEEE!! So cute!! :D I actually squealed quietly when I saw this! XD

  4. i love how your mani looks like your ct! they are adorable

  5. Loooove this mani! Looks like your Frankie. That is a very nice orange. I might have to make a purchase of this one!

    Love the kitty pics too! ^..^


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