Saturday, February 4, 2012

Zoya Swatches

Just a couple of Zoya swatches I thought I would share with you!!! I only picked a few, because I was on a tight schedule. Let me know if you want more!

 This is Laney! I think I have a new favorite silvery color. This took 2 coats. It has pretty green and pink tones in it, this picture didn't capture that as well as I had hoped, but still pretty!

 Felicity. This was 3-4 coats. Its a very pretty and subtle pink. <3

Jinx. Not a Pokemon!! This reminds me of pennies, but thy already have a polish called Penny, this is NOT it. Maybe this could be the dirty coin. xD

Edyta!! It's so my favorite green. This is one of the very first Zoya bottles I got too, so I am bias toward it.

My bro took these shots today(LCL Photo), so enjoy them!!

PS - This happened shortly after. This is Bo Kitty. Hes like 20 years old. I <3 him!


  1. Edyta is probably my favorite of these too. I'm biased toward all greens though! :)

    Your kitty has some stunning headgear haha Very cute!

  2. omg that cat is so funny! laney is so pretty


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